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Hosted by Linqto's Chief Strategy Officer Karim Nurani, The Global Investor Podcast is explicitly designed for accredited investors. Each episode is an opportunity to stay informed, hear from like-minded individuals, and learn from successful business executives.  Join us as we take this educational and engaging journey to find some of the most passionate entrepreneurs and interesting pre-IPO companies from around the globe.

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Private Investing Made Simple

May 31, 2022


In this episode, Laura Walker Lee, Founder & Managing Partner at Madre Ventures, joined our host, Karim Nurani, to talk about all things culture and finance. We have a better understanding of the word - narrative economics, the narrative behind meme stocks, and how it quantifies culture. 

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Today's Guest: Laura Walker Lee

Laura is a globally-minded strategist who has successfully worked at the intersection of culture and finance for over ten years. Laura runs Madre Ventures, which sources investment capital and provides strategic support to mid/late-stage enterprises solving significant social, environmental, and technological challenges – profitably. Madre's central thesis is, "What would it look like to help one billion people?" MADRE seeks to support that thesis through the verticals of clean energy, mindful technology, and social wellness.

In addition to Madre, Laura runs AG Capital, a family office that focuses on the advancement of culture through world-class creators, impactful storytelling, and unique live events. Founded in 2015, AG Capital has financed & produced projects for Brad Pitt/Plan B, Will Smith/Westbrook, Ava Duvernay, and Beau Willimon.

Our Host: Karim Nurani

Karim Nurani is an entrepreneur, investor, and chief strategy officer at Linqto, a leading platform providing liquidity in the private sector. The Global Investor Podcast host - Karim, has 30 years of experience in new business development, focusing on strategy and business transformation. As a visionary who can assess business models from the perspectives of both an executive and investor, Nurani is responsible for the formation and success of over a hundred startups ranging from mining to process manufacturing. As a partner at Keiretsu Connect and throughout his time with Bay Angels, Sandalwood Ventures, and other entities, he has guided investors and new venture leaders to launch and develop markets as diverse as IoT, GreenTech, etc CannaTech, AR and VR, and more. 

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