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Private Investing Made Simple

May 25, 2021

In part 1 of this podcast, Karim Nurani talks with Joshua Fairfield of Washington and Lee University School of Law. Prof. Fairfield is an internationally recognized law and technology scholar, who specializes in all things digital. His current research focuses on big data privacy protection, cryptocurrencies, and the development of virtual communities to maximize people's potentials and achievements.

In his latest book, Runaway Technology, Prof. Fairfield demonstrates how we can create the kind of laws that are better suited to dealing with the challenges and dangers posed by corporate surveillance, artificial intelligence, deep fakes, genetic modification, automation, and more.

In this podcast, we explore two major themes:

Law and Language
Law is a constantly-evolving language-generating process; it progresses by creating new languages to determine how we will cooperate to solve the problems of the future. 

The IP industry offers a transitional case in point. IP regulators tried to manage copyright violations for digital artifacts by determining that you should only license them, not own them. But at the same time, there were exploding markups in payments for unique in-game objects, which totally overwhelmed the legal frameworks. Blockchain technology and NFTs are resolving most of those difficulties.

Language and Gaming

Gaming is a really great linguistic environment, because it establishes a strong context for people to use language. If you want to learn a new language, try playing the role of an in-game healer on a foreign language game platform. Healers are the characters who have to keep track of what's going on all over the place, and they need to be able to explain it to everyone. It’s an excellent way to experience in-context learning!

About Our Guest:

Prof. Joshua Fairfield is an internationally recognized law and technology scholar, who specializes in all things digital. 

He has written extensively on what he terms “the crisis of digital ownership”, raising the alarm on technology’s annexation  of our property and privacy rights, as we risk becoming digital peasants who are owned by software and advertising companies, not to mention overreaching governmental agencies. His latest research focuses on the regulatory oversight of e-commerce and online contracts and the next generation of legal applications for cryptocurrencies.

In his most recent book, “Runaway Technology: Can Law Keep Up?”,  Prof. Fairfield calls the bluff of the Silicon Valley’s barons and mandarins who claim that the law can never support the pace of rampant technological change. On the contrary, he says, law can certainly keep up and stay the course, precisely because it is a type of technology - a carefully-specified social system constructed by humans out of cooperative fictions like firms, nations, and money.    

The ongoing tension between technology designers and lawyers can perhaps be attributed to the fact that they are both tasked with precisely defining how the world is to work, but they use radically different languages to do it. The engineering nuances of Python and VHDL are balanced by the legal precision of pronominal adverbs like whereof and thereafter, and arcane terms of art like promissory estoppel and ceteris paribus.  

Joshua is well-placed to straddle the gulf between these two disciplines, having been a software technology entrepreneur in the language-learning field before taking up the law. He has used his unique synthesizing skills to advise US government on policy matters of digital national security, online civil liberties, and global research ethics for virtual communities. 

Prof. Fairfield studied at Swarthmore College and the University of Chicago Law School, and for the last fourteen years has been on the faculty of Washington and Lee University School of Law.  

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A great believer in the law of mutual attraction, he puts great stake in relationships with like-minded thinkers across sectors and around the globe—an endless source of inspiration, knowledge, and exciting opportunity.

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