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Hosted by Linqto's Chief Strategy Officer Karim Nurani, The Global Investor Podcast is explicitly designed for accredited investors. Each episode is an opportunity to stay informed, hear from like-minded individuals, and learn from successful business executives.  Join us as we take this educational and engaging journey to find some of the most passionate entrepreneurs and interesting pre-IPO companies from around the globe.

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Private Investing Made Simple

Apr 8, 2021

After reading about Raghu Yarlagadda’s incredible success with Google Chromebook and how he worked directly with Sundar Pichal CEO at Google we could not wait to have an in depth conversation about him and his journey where he led a team to scale Chromebooks to over 3 billion in revenue and along the way naturally impacted a global community of students & learners.  


What it takes to build a Unicorn


Meet Raghu - A personal Story


Raghu has participated as a panel moderator at the last two Linqto Global Investor Conferences and in both sessions was incredibly gracious to his panelists John D'Agostino CEO of Dagger Consulting & Paul Veradittakit Partner at Pantera Capital.  But still, we did not have enough of an insight into his personal journey. 


In this episode of the Global Investor Podcast, Raghu joins host Karim Nurani and describes his impressive journey and explore if global unicorn companies can be successfully built through product design or a people first focus. Listen here and find out.


About Our Guest



Raghu Yarlagadda, Co-Founder & CEO of FalconX

Raghu is the Co-founder and CEO of FalconX, one of the largest and fastest growing digital asset brokerages. He's an engineer by background and passionate about building products that create value – leading him to become a serial entrepreneur, product leader, active investor, and board advisor to several Silicon Valley startups. Prior to FalconX, Raghu held product leadership roles in Google. He was on Sundar Pichai’s Chrome OS team and led efforts to scale Chromebooks to over $3 billion revenue for Google and its partners. He started his career at Motorola as an engineer in a team that pioneered high definition video transmission over IP stack, laying the technical foundation for many popular video streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube.

Raghu holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, M.S. from University of Texas at Dallas specializing in Signal Processing & Machine Learning, and B.Tech. from Vellore Institute of Technology.



About our Host

Karim Nurani is an entrepreneur, investor, and chief strategy officer at Linqto, a leading platform providing liquidity in the private sector. The Global Investor Podcast host, Karim has 30 years of experience in new business development with a focus on strategy and business transformation.

As a visionary who can assess business models from the perspectives of both an executive and investor, Nurani is responsible for the formation and success of over a hundred startups ranging from mining to process manufacturing.

As a partner at Keiretsu Connect, and throughout his time with Bay Angels, Sandalwood Ventures, and other entities, he has guided investors and new venture leaders to the launch and development of markets as diverse as IoT, GreenTech, CannaTech, AR and VR, and more. 

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